Following rules are enforced:

  • At least 7 characters and maximum 8
  • At least one uppercase (capital) letter A-Z
  • At least one lowercase (small) letter a-z
  • At least one digit 0-9
  • At least one special character out of the set `!$%^&*()_+-=;,./<>?
  • No birth date, first name, family name
  • No word to be found in dictionaries
  • No login name or any reverse or circular shift of that username

Additional measures of safety are changing your passwords periodically and not writing it down somewhere for easy reference.

Please use the Password Account Manager (PAM) to change your password.
You can reset your password through the Personal Account Manager. If you also have forgotten your secret question and thus are unable to reset your password, contact helpdesk.


Yes, as long as you reinstall SPSS on the same computer. Licenses are tied to your computer with a lock code. If you replace your computer or its hardware, you will have a new lock code and will need to repeat the authorization process with a new key.

Whenever IBM releases a new version of SPSS, we provide a free upgrade to students and staff members. You need to send us your current activation code for verification and we will send you a new code that is valid for the new version.


You can use the support page or you can send a mail to helpdesk. When contacting for support make sure to provide your NetID and a clear description of the problem. For a problem with a job, provide the job ID, the path to the script or the path where the command is issued. If you get an error message, make sure to include it with the support request.

Before requesting a software installation, make sure that it is not yet installed. See the available modules to quickly check that.

Submit your software installation request through the support page.

You can install your own software in your disk space. Just keep in mind that big software (distributed with large databases for instance) will eat your disk quota.

If the software installation requires complex compilations or frequent update, we can arrange with you the management of that software while making it available to all users.


You can check your print credit by logging on onto the Personal Account Manager with your NetID and password (section “My Print Credit”). Paper credit can be replenished as follows:
ULB and VUB students

Print credit can be replenished through the Personal Account Manager (min 5 euro). Refunding of a print credit is only possible if the remaining credit has entirely been paid from a personal bank account and only for amounts above 5 euro.

ULB staff

ULB staff can replenish their credit by “bon vert”, for a minimum amount of 15 euro, specifying the loginname(s) to credit and their respective amounts. This bon vert has to be addressed to (and the original sent to):

ULB – SISC – CP 197

E-mail :

Phone: +32 2 650 37 12

VUB staff

VUB staff can replenish their print credit from a centralized print-reserve. Each department has a maximum credit from this reserve of 125 euro. Requests have to be addressed by the head of department of SISC by fax +32 2 650 37 40 or by emailing to, clearly indicating:

1. the loginname of the user requiring the print credit

2. the department

3. the amount of print credit wanted

Addition credit can be obtained through an internal payment order, minimum amount of 15 euro, to be sent to SISC. Please specify the loginname(s) of the user(s) requiring the print credit and the amount wanted for each user.



Phone: +32 2 650 37 12

1. An account on the SISC machines
Before you can use the printing services offered by and in collaboration with SISC, you need an account at the university. University members who do not have a NetID can request one vie the Personal Account Manager.
2. Paper credit
For details on how to obtain print credit, see How to add print credit at the FAQ.
3. Making a print
See the instructions to use the printers in the public computer rooms in VUB Etterbeek building B and VUB Etterbeek building K. If you need high-quality prints on plain, heavy coated or glossy papers from A4 to A0 extra wide sizes, visit WebPlot.
Picking up your printouts
For details on where to pick up your output, see Where to find your printouts at the FAQ.  

For printers on the campus, the printed output can only be picked up at the same location of the printer itself.

Printers that are printed at the Shared ICT Services Centre can also be sent to you by internal mail. You can indicate this when submitting an order through WebPlot.

Printouts at SISC are available for pickup in the dispatch room on the second floor. Usual opening hours of SISC are 08:00 – 17:00 on weekdays (Monday to Friday).


Students and staff of VUB, ULB, Vesalius College and Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel automatically get an account on NESTOR when they activate their account for the first time.

To activate a NESTOR account later on, log into the Personal Account Manager with your NetID and password and activate it in the section ‘My accounts’.

All users with a HYDRA account also have an account on NESTOR, they can access the files on NESTOR from HYDRA in the /a/username directory.

Others can request an account through this registration procedure.

Attention: As NESTOR will only serve as a storage server and archive server, users will not be allowed to login on the server and work interactively.

Files can be transferred to and from NESTOR through FTP (normal and secure mode). Files on NESTOR can also be accessed directly from HYDRA (you can find them in the directory /a/username).

If you wish to access files through FTP, you can FTP to or

You can also access your NESTOR files by mounting your NESTOR directory as a local network drive on your local computer (SAMBA).

For Windows: To mount a network drive in Windows, go into the Windows Explorer, right-click on This PC, and select Map network drive. Select a drive and enter \\\username or \\\username. To make this permanent, check the option Reconnect at sign-in. The drive will automatically get mounted every time you logon using the Windows computer.

For Mac: On Mac OS X, from the Finder menu go to Go, and select Connect to Server. Enter the address: smb:// or smb://

For Linux: Please follow this detailed tutorial on how to install and configure Samba on Linux.

Username is your NetID.

Every user gets a default quota of 1, 2, or 3 GB of NESTOR disk space depending on their mandate type. The default number of files you can store is 25000. An error message is displayed on your screen if you reach a limit.

If you don’t succeed mounting your Nestor disk space on your computer, your password may not be stored in the correct format. Force this by introducing your existing password or a new password in the Personal Account Manager.

No. For security reasons you can only use the SMB service from the VUB and ULB campus networks.


OTRS Manual [NL]

OTRS Manual [FR]

OTRS Manual [EN] (Coming soon)