Shared ICT Services Center employs a database for managing user information on its systems. User identification data are retrieved from the personnel and student database at the central department of the VUB and ULB. Therefore, the larger part of the academic community is automatically registered. However, exceptions occur due to the particular status of a person or to some other circumstances. In order to validate an unregistered member of the university, a special entry needs to be created. This form will assist this person's head of department in doing so. Download and fill out the form that has to be signed by the head of department and sent to SISC. A copy of the form can be send by email at or

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Filling in this form only serves to register a person in the SISC database. Upon successful registration, the requestor will receive an acknowledgement by electronic mail. The newly registered person can then make a request for an account an a SISC system using the automatic activation procedure.

  • External co-workers at VUB have to register themselves as "vrijwillige wetenschappelijke medewerker" (voluntary scientific collaborators) at the VUB personnel department. The faculty they work for can make the request.
  • External co-workers at ULB should have themselves registered with the ULB personnel department.

Fill out this form and click the Create Letter button at the bottom of this form. Then print the letter, have it signed by the head of the department and send it to the Shared ICT Services Centre.

Head of Department

Person / Service / Project to be registered

Person's / Service's / Project's requirements

Confirmation of registration